Hello, my name is Tom Jefferis, I am an undergraduate computer scientist in my final year at the University of Kent.
I specialise in mobile app development and web development. I have experience with languages and frameworks such as Flutter, Java (Android and desktop development), C#, PHP, HTML, CSS and other web languages including AJAX and Jquery.
Below you will find some of the projects I have developed or worked on, both at university and in my own time.

Drinking game for Android and iOS

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A dark humour party drinking game, fun for pre-drinks and house parties with over 1000 different questions to expose your friends with. Read aloud the question on the card, press the next button when the players have completed the challenge.
I wrote this app during the summer of my first year at university, my friends were getting bored of the same questions seen in other drinking games such as "picolo", I decided to take it upon myself to create a more relatable and fun app for us to use at our "pre drinks". I decided to use flutter as I had some experiance with it but also its ability to create cross platform apps was a driving reason. You can download the app to try on the Google play store however the iOS version was not able to be published due to pricing restricions on the Apple app store.
You may fork the project and create your own versions of the software providing its not for commercial use and its distributed as free or non-profit software.

Find me on social media or contact via email.